Why is Eni struggling to grow biofuels in Africa?

Agathe Bounfour returns to the Land and Climate Podcast to tell Alasdair about a new investigation by Transport and Environment.
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Last month an investigation by Transport and Environment (T&E) exposed a number of challenges facing Eni’s African biofuel projects. 

The Italian oil giant’s “second generation” biofuel crops have not met production targets in Kenya and Republic of the Congo. The investigation found that key promises have not been met around intercropping, and collected testimonies of alleged expropriation driven by Eni’s business partners. T&E say farmers are now giving up on the projects.

To hear more details, Alasdair welcomed Agathe Bounfour back to the podcast, Oil Investigations Lead at T&E. 

Audio engineering by Vasko Kostovski. 

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